Halloween Expo Guests

Tom Woodruff Jr.

Tom Woodruff Jr. is an Academy Award-winning character creator and frequently listed as the world's top creature performer, costume and movie prop creator. He won Oscar 1992 (Visual Effects), Saturn Award 1993, 1998 (Best Special Effects) and BAFTA Film Award 1993 (Best Special Effects). Tom created many creatures and costumes for the films such as the X-Men, the Spider-Man, the Alien and the Predator. This is the first time that you can see the original X-Men movie props in Vancouver, and find out how Wolverine grows his claws!

During the Halloween Expo last year, Tom presented the original Alien and Predator costumes from the movie for the fans in Vancouver.

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Tiffany Grant

Tiffany is excited to attend the Vancouver Halloween Expo! Best known as Asuka from EVANGELION, Tiffany’s been working in anime since 1994. Her 1400+ voice credits include INFINITE STRATOS, CHRONO CRUSADE, BLUE SEED, GOLDEN BOY, AZUMANGA DAIOH, FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, RAHXEPHON, TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLES and, more recently, LITTLE BUSTERS, EVANGELION 3.33, INFINITE STRATOS 2 and BIG BAD MAMA-SAN. Video game credits: UNLIMITED SAGA, DEUS EX II: INVISIBLE WAR.

Ms. Grant was the scriptwriter for the English version of Hello Kitty's Animation Theatre TV series in which she played three major characters, besides being an avid Hello Kitty collector.

Ms. Grant wrote dubbing scripts for TV series such as ANGELIC LAYER, GODANNAR, AH! MY GODDESS 2, TEARS TO TIARA and THE WALLFLOWER. Her many subtitle script adaptations include MIYUKI CHAN IN WONDERLAND.

Non-anime work includes the films ARLINGTON ROAD and indie flicks LAUGHING BOY, DEAD OF KNIGHT and LARS THE EMO KID as well as years of theatre and commercial experience. Tiffany also contributed to the charity albums "Voices for Peace" and "Voices for Tolerance"

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Jennifer Mascall, recipient of the 2015 Isadora Award for Outstanding Contribution to Dance in BC, is the founding Artistic Director of MascallDance (since 1989). MascallDance, the creation and production vehicle for her multi-faceted work, is guided by central principles of collaboration, improvisation and somatic practice. Mascall's intrepid vision and subtle wit typically explode assumptions and shift our preconceptions of contemporary dance. Her works, accessible, adaptable and surprising for artists and general audiences alike, frequently tour extensively. This season The Three Cornered Hat and The Outliner Project appear in Vancouver, Edmonton, Victoria, Seattle; Mascall’s Experiential Anatomy research travels to Portland and Ghent, Belgium.

MascallDance, fuelled by Jennifer Mascall, is a creation and production company celebrating more than 25 seasons. It investigates movement and possibilities for movement’s intersection with other mediums. Collaboration, improvisation and somatic practice are central to MascallDance. Accessible and universal, Mascall’s works communicate to artists and general audiences alike, often touring extensively.

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Trip the Light Dance

Trip the Light Dance and Performance Company's name originates from the expressions coined by John Milton, William Shakespeare and Procol Harum meaning to dance nimbly and lightly in an imaginative manner. Trip the Light is a dance and performance company led by Natalka Lewis and based out of Calgary AB. Founded in 2013, Trip the Light creates original dance and dance theatre work with the intention of blending multiple art mediums and genres such as human statuing, collaborations with musicians, gallery installations, dance on film and fashion. Trip the Light's work is shown across Canada in theatres, street festivals, corporate events and other various venues. Some recent performances include dancing on stage with Weird Al Yankovic, performing alongside Fire Circus Performers with Ballyhoo entertainment in Calgary & Las Vegas, promoting Coors Banquet at the Calgary Stampede, on the runways of MakeFashion and Beakerhead & performing at the Fluid Dance Festival & Soulocentric Showcases. We are excited to present new works at the Vancouver Parade & Expo!

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Desu Dolls

Desu Dolls are a Vancouver-based female cosplay group consisting of Mimi Reaves, Kasi Altair & Remi Lee. Follow us for cosplays, event updates and more!

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Uncle Sid Band

Uncle Sid's ready to rip it up for this years Halloween and Parade Expo at PNE, Oct 17th & 18th 2015 with our kickin' EP "ROCK GURU"! We shook the foundations of many venues across Canada last Fall. We plan on doing it around the globe as well, with our sites on new horizens starting early 2016! 2016 will see us recording our new CD and working on doing a couple major tours to Japan and parts of Europe as well. 2015 had us focused on our artistic direction of our music, which will be reflected our new CD will be due for it’s official release early 2016. We are stoked about 2016, as this is the year that will put Uncle Sid's live show around the World. Let's Rock Sidizens!

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Jim Meyer

Jim Meyer is a Vancouver-based Chapman Stick© player. He has been composing and performing music for more than 3 decades.

Originally a bassist and keyboardist, he realized the compositional and harmonic strengths of the Stick after seeing performances by legendary Stickists Tony Levin, Greg Howard, Bob Culbertson and others.

Like a piano, the Stick allows a performer to play a melody part with the right hand while simultaneously playing a bass part with the left hand. Because of this, Jim often performs solo or with a percussionist.

Jim released his first CD, Arbutus and Jade, in 2009. This collection of original instrumentals is presented in a duo format with Vancouver drum legend Mike Michalkow. Jim's first unaccompanied disc, Watercolour, was released earlier this year and really lets the instrument shine. His 8 original instrumentals blend nicely with 3 covers of tunes from other Stick players.

Jim also teaches the Chapman Stick, through both private lessons, and as the host of the annual Vancouver Stick Seminar, which is in its 14th year.

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The Mighty Wings Jazz Ensemble

The Mighty Wings Jazz Ensemble is comprised of some of the best musicians in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program from across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. They are accomplished performers & leaders at their school and local squadron bands, and are selected by audition to form the ensemble. The ensemble is well-versed in a variety of genres, ranging from R&B, funk, jazz and rock, and has performed throughout Metro Vancouver supporting the community since its inception in 2013.

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Founded in 2011, missingNo has quickly gone from playing local venues to some of the largest video game music conventions in North America. Atypical for the genere, missingNo. boasts a full horn section that injects a heavy soul-fusion influence into their arrangements of classic and modern tunes. They are consistently blowing away the crowd with their big sound and ability to draw out the inner child in their listeners. They have secured performances at local and international nerd-themed conventions and festivals. They released a demo album in early 2013 and recorded/released a full studio album, Warp Zone, later that year. EPOCH, the band's next studio recording, is slated for digital release in Fall 2015. Their music is available for sale on Loudr, Bandcamp, iTunes, and other platforms and is available for streaming on all major internet radio sites.

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CosCafé is the original cosplay and maid café proudly serving at local Vancouver conventions since 2007. Visit our maid cafe as masters (and mistresses) and our waitresses dressed in maid costumes would be happy to be your servants.

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Fire Exit Band

FireExit is a group of enthusiastic and talented young students who decided to express their love of music by playing together and share it to everyone in the world who can feel. In July 1st, 2014 was their very first performance in public playing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon; and Westcoast by Lana Del Rey. FireExit loves rock and also plays different kinds of genre because of the versatility of each character in the group.

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My Mother The Carjacker

Built with three solid musicians, My Mother the Carjacker has completed a diverse piece of art seeping pleasant, gritty and humourous sounds catering to a fluid audience that likes good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and beyond. Live, MMCJ is uncaged, rabid and wild releasing a spoiled whirlwind of energy." -- VanMusic My Mother The Carjacker’s follow-through in creating music has always been a natural one. It’s all about having fun. From the humble beginnings at house parties to traversing their home country in support of their Kickstarter-funded full length album, the band continues to grow exponentially. 2015 sees the band producing and releasing 1 of 3 new EPs following their album release, as well as taking their local draw to the next level.

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The Mighty Quinn

Quinn Beasley has been performing and studying circus arts since the age of 10. Now 21 Quinn has performed in over 7 countries bringing comedy, juggling, and entertainment to every continent. His skills range from death defying machete and chainsaw juggling, to mesmerizing Chinese yoyo routines that leave audiences stunned.

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Simple Machines

Amine Bouzaher is Simple Machines. 10 years of classical training in violin and viola, a thirst for progressive, blues and rock guitar riffage, and sound technical knowledge and expertise combine to create an authentic live set. Having grown up in a household of classical and Andalusie-inspired, North African music, Simple Machines draws on diverse genres and tones to construct unique sonic structures. His music combines original guitar and violin melodies with live loops and effects to create hauntingly atmospheric compositions on the fly. Brooding, introspective and acutely self aware each song leads listeners to question the way they think and live. As a long time member of local Vancouver alt-rock fourtet Weird'eaux in the noiZ Community and a former member of r'n'b group The Ponderosas, Simple Machines has fused classical, instrumental technique with electronic production. His songs transcend genre and style, blending beats, bass and harmony to produce rich song-structure from the simple starting point of a single loop.

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Evilyn13 is a Vancouver based international alternative model and cosplayer. She can not only be found on the runway but also DJing at Kitty Nights, the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show and all of the events organized by Restricted Entertainment. Evilyn has walked the alternative runways in Vancouver, Seattle, New York, Berlin, Montreal and Florida. She loves nothing more than to be a chameleon and play dress up for you and is excited to be a part of the Vancouver Halloween Fair this year.

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Brittney Chu (Cosplay Bombshell)

Brittney Chu is a self professed geek pop culture expert, who has an obsession with comics, video games, science fiction and internet cat videos. She is the writer behind The Other Press's "Comic Corner," where she reviews various comic books and graphic novels, but she is best known as the prominent Vancouver based cosplayer, Cosplay Bombshell. Specializing primarily in costume recreation from various retro video games such as Darkstalkers, Monster Rancher and Mortal Kombat, she also has a deep love for spandex, which won her recognition from iFanboy, the CHIVE, and CHEEZburger's Geek Universe for her various superhero and villain costumes.

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Fusica is a instrumental rock band using both traditional Chinese and western instruments. The instruments we play include the GuZheng (Chinese harp), Dizi (Chinese flute), Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, and Drums. Fusing the east and west elements together, the band creates a unique ethnic sound. Length of act will be 5 minutes. Education: All of us have over 10 years of musical training and performance experience. Some of us are teachers in our instrument as well.

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Times Past Entertainment

Panel - Cosplaying like an industry professional: Times Past Entertainment is made up of a wide variety of talents who live and work in the entertainment industry BUT maintain their beginnings and still have their adventures in Cosplay. Whether they are at a cosplay party or hired by a large production, they follow a number of guidelines to develop mutual respect, support and artistic advancement. In the two hours they will try their best to share tricks on character development (Do and don't), prop making and costume building. They will touch on laws, regulations and courtesy, as well as sharing 'moving around in that darn thing' moments. Featured panelists Martin Hunger (Active in Fandom since 1986 and Prop Maker, Creative Fabricator), Christina Carr (Active in Fandom since 1984 and Actor, Writer, Creative Fabricator, Fight Coordinator) and Ed Appleby (Active in Fandom for approx. 10 years and Graphic Designer, Actor, Fight coordinator, Writer). Members of the team will be assisting in providing hands on moments with particular items.

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