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Expo Saturday Oct 12

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Beautiful Tarim Middle East Mythology

Dance - Middle East Mythology
Free Admission

Yasmina and Adalat have always danced, and love to share their passion for dance with their audiences. Their performances are the highlight of many events, which makes them among the most sought after performers in the Vancouver area. Yasmina Dance Company won the Best Entertainment 2013 Award at the South Asian Wedding Awards. Yasmina Dance Co. includes her talented dance partner Adalat Omar. They perform locally and internationally at theatre shows, festivals, events, and receptions. They have also featured in television and film. Adalat was a dancer in the TV series Shimmy, and was the lead dancer in the movie Kayan. Their performances include diverse props, costuming, and music. With a love for Bollywood Fusion, they have many choreographies on Hindi classics and the latest film songs. They also perform Egyptian style Belly Dance to traditional Arabic music. Yasmina Dance Company's performances are customized for each event. They are continuously evolving, creating a unique style that is always new and fresh. Bringing joy to every occasion, they delight in connecting with their audiences with their pure passion for dance. For the Halloween Expo, Yasmina and Adalat will be showcasing both of their talented performance groups

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

The Runaway Four

Free Admission

  • Artist: The Runaway Four
  • Location: Outdoor Performance
    Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, 850 W Georgia St, Vancouver
    See Map

The Runaway Four mix, match and mash the best of video game music from classic tunes to hidden gems. With over 300 songs in their repertoire they span all genres and generations, giving every gamer something to enjoy from their themed medleys, timed visuals, cosplay and energetic performance.

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

International Blindfold

Music Performance
Free Admission

Inspired by motivation but decided by desperation, International Blindfold plays as if the fate of the world depended on it (as it often does). Starting in 2012 the band is composed of musicians with diverse histories that have come together to make what is now the International Blindfold. Blending elements of 70's punk and 80's metal bleeding into a 90's grunge sound, International Blindfold brings a unique tone that is all their own. What is the International Blindfold??? By definition: An International Blindfold is how media manipulates information creating a blindfold around those who consume that information.

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Rio Samaya

Music - Coco, Mexican Day of the Dead
Free Admission

  • Artist: Rio Samaya
  • Location: Outdoor Performance
    Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, 850 W Georgia St, Vancouver
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Rio Samaya have roots from South America and the world bringing multi culture to the stage. Their reportoire includes songs in many different languages and dances from many different styles like Flamenco, Sufi and First Nations. Their costumes are traditional and light up the stage.

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM

An Evening with 20SIX Hundred

Music - Dark Retro
Free Admission

  • Artist: 20SIX Hundred
  • Location: Outdoor Performance
    Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza, 850 W Georgia St, Vancouver
    See Map

Inspired by the darker side of cinema, the music of 20SIX Hundred reaches deep into the imagination of a future not yet realized. Synth heavy and action oriented ambience drenched in the neon glow of mid-eighties electronica. Close your eyes, let go of your fears, and drive into the darkness.

More programs are to be announced

Friday Oct 11 Saturday Oct 12 Sunday Oct 13


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